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Scholarship Award

The Trustees of APT have agreed to award a limited number of flying scholarships to disabled applicants. Each case will be considered on the individual circumstances involved.

This action will revolve around the availability of funds from the Community Fund, Wiltshire & Swindon Community Foundation and APT's general fund raising activities. Funds are available at present.

APT will pay 25% of each hour of training (flying and ground school), plus club membership. There is also access to a complete set of books associated with flight training.

The student is required to pay:- 75% of each hour of training (flying and ground), License application and medical fees, examinations and General Flight Test (GFT) fees. Additionally the student must be under 14 stone (90kg) in weight.

More details can be obtained from APT on 01722 410744 or fax 01722 410678.