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Personnel of the APT

The APT is run by a small band of dedicated people who firmly believe in the organisation and its aims.

We are currently looking for a new General Manager. As well as general administrative duties, including fund-raising and keeping the mobile homes fit for use, the role involves greeting and helping the students and providing a friendly face for their helpers, spouses, family and friends. If interested please apply to
. All flying assessment and training is carried out by Raymond Proost, who is also one of the five trustees of the charity. Raymond has extensive experience as a flying instructor, especially in Shadows. Don't worry - he's seen it all! He instructs with patience and humour. Above all he wants you to enjoy the experience of flying.

The trustees bring a wide range of experience and talents to the charity. They are:-

  • Mr. P. Lynch - Chairman
  • Dr. S. Solomon MD - Pilot and medical advisor.
  • Mr. R. Proost - Flying Instructor and aircraft operation advisor.
  • Mr. B. Cannell - Paraplegic licensed pilot.
  • Mr. I. MacLucas - Paraplegic licensed pilot.
  • Mr. J. Rudge - Tetraplegic student pilot