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Old Sarum Airfield

Old Sarum airfield, the home of the APT and the Shadow Flight Centre is located 2 miles NNE of the picturesque Salisbury city in Wiltshire, UK.

The airfield has a long and distinguished history dating way back to the early 1900's.

Several of the hangers are listed buildings being the original ones built with a unique form of construction in the roof.

Old Sarum is a grass airfield with one licenced strip (06/24) 681m long. Situated in the Boscombe Down/Middle Wallop MATZ (N5105.80 W00147.15) at an elevation of 285ft. It is a busy site hosting a wide range of aircraft from vintage microlights and light aircraft to the latest twin piston engined aircraft. Top quality fuel is available for both the 'plane and pilot, and with excellent local places to stay overnight, Old Sarum makes an ideal location from which to explore to beauty of the south coast of the UK both on land and from the air.

Due to the nature of the local airspace, it is essential that a full and up to date briefing is completed before planning a flight to Old Sarum.