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General information on the APT

APT was founded in early 1994 by James Edmonds, a London businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist, with the object of providing facilities to teach disabled people to fly, thus giving them the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of the sky.

APT is based at Old Sarum airfield, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK, where its office, aircraft and instructors are concentrated. There is a small Board of Trustees, and a Secretary/General Manager - position currently vacant - who looks after the day to day running of the trust

APT's aircraft are two-seater 'Shadow' microlights, manufactured by CFM Aircraft Ltd. at Leiston, Suffolk, UK, with controls specially modified to take account of the difficulties of disabled pilots. The 'Shadow' is elegant looking, sophisticated and tough, with an unrivalled record for reliability, safety and performance. It is a delight to fly.

At present (November 2006) we are able to offer Air Experience flights for only £20 to anyone who meets the required criteria.

In addition APT have two fully converted leisure homes for disabled people giving inexpensive overnight accommodation for students learning to fly at Old Sarum airfield.

Anyone who would like to fly with APT should supply medical evidence of sound health aside from their known disability. The charity reserves the right to refuse an applicant who does not meet the required physical or temperamental criteria which can be assessed on the ground and in the air at the time on the test flight. Prospective students must under 14 stone (90kg) in weight.

For more info. on the activities of the APT Jack Simpson can be contacted on +44 (0)1722 410744 [Fax 410678] or send me an