The Premier UK Disabled Flying Training Charity Since 1994

The APT Charitable Trust was founded to teach seriously physically disabled people to fly, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of flying.

Operating from Old Sarum Airfield near Salisbury in Wiltshire, the APT use specially adapted Microlight aircraft. The Shadow is elegant-looking, tough and has an unrivalled record for reliability, safety and performance. Each has two-seats, with specially modified controls for pilots with varying disabilities.

Mike Watson and family with 'Lima Victor' one of the trusts adapted CFM Shadow CD's
Mike Watson and family with 'Lima Victor' one of the trusts adapted CFM Shadow CD's

The APT Charitable Trust has been making flying dreams come true for the past fourteen years. Whether your ambition is to take a microlight flight or become a fully fledged pilot, APT can help get your dream off the ground. Run by a unique group of people, their dedicated teaching has resulted in many of their disabled students becoming pilots. No physical disability, however severe, is ever a barrier at the APT to achieving complete independence in the sky.

APT Charitable Trust Flying For The Disabled

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