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Sportability flying day to be held at APT Old Sarum Airfield.
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The Aircraft

APT's aircraft are two-seater 'Shadow' microlights, manufactured by CFM Aircraft Ltd. at Leiston, Suffolk, UK, with controls specially modified to take account of the difficulties of disabled pilots. The Shadow is elegant-looking, sophisticated and tough, with an unrivalled record for reliability, safety and performance. It is a delight to fly.

The main features of the Shadow are:

  • Tandem seating.
  • Glider style front cockpit.
  • 3-axis control.
  • Tricycle undercarriage.
  • Differential brakes on rear wheels.
  • Rear engine/Pusher propeller.
  • Conventional control stick (elevator/ailerons) on the pilot's right side.

Both our Shadows are fitted with Rotax 503 2-stroke engines producing over 50hp.

Student pilots sit in the front cockpit with the instructor sitting behind. Students should weigh no more than 13.5 stone (approx. 86 kilos).

G-MYLV is modified for those whose disability affects their hands as well as their legs. The main modifications to G-MYLV consist of:

  • Combined throttle/rudder lever on the pilot's left side. (Forward/back for throttle, left/right for rudder).
  • Pneumatically-powered brakes activated by a lever behind the pilot's head. (Whether the left or right brake or both operates depends on position of rudder lever).
  • Suck blow trim, operated by tube attached to microphone boom.
  • Large detachable radio PTT switch. (Which those without finger movement can operate with their chin. The original PTT switch remains on the throttle/rudder lever for those who have function in their left thumb).

G-MVUS is modified for those whose disability affects their legs only. The main modifications to G-MVUS consist of:

  • Combined throttle/rudder lever on pilot's left side. (Forward/back for throttle, left/right for rudder).
  • This lever has a PTT switch on the top and, next to it, a trim switch, both switches operated by the thumb.
  • Brakes activated by bicycle brake levers, one on each control lever.

For tetraplegics and others who cannot get into our planes unaided we have a hoist that can comfortably lift a person from a wheelchair into the front cockpit.