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Sarah Howard

Jack Simpson
APT, Hangar 3
Old Sarum Airfield
Wiltshire, SP4 6BJ
  Sarah Howard
42 Bell Street
SE18 4NA

Tel: 020 8856 0772
30th June 2003


Dear Jack

Firstly, I wanted to say a big thank you to yourself and everyone at APT for providing me with the opportunity of a gift first flight in the Shadow Microlite.

As I am sure you were aware from my constant grin, the day was a huge personal success.  It reached beyond my expectations as Raymond convinced me of my abilities within the Shadow.  This is the first activity in many years that I have been able to take part in without adaptations (well, maybe with a little help from the hoist!). I've asked my hospital consultant to fill out the medical form and she explained that this was a first for her, but one she wholeheartedly supported.

Anyway, I found it extremely uplifting.  I've had spinal muscular atrophy (a progressive genetic neurological condition) all my life and lately the continual struggle to manage has become very frustrating and a little soul destroying. Depression is a tiring, lonely journey when there is no cure around the corner. I was pretty desperate to find an activity that would give me the opportunity of freedom through movement without someone to hold my hand - I think I have found just the thing through APT.

To find something that will push me through body and mind is a great challenge and one that I wish to take on. Raymond informed me that APT sometimes provides funding for training where appropriate. I would be very grateful if you would consider  me as a candidate for such funding, so that I can achieve my NPPL.

I live alone in adapted accommodation through a housing association.  Currently I  work part-time as an education officer with CandoCo Dance Company and this wage  allows me to live pretty much independently, although I do receive some assistance  through DLA and Motability.  I'm also involved in voluntary access work within the  arts.

 If you require any further information please do not hesitate in getting in contact.

 Once again, thank you for my first flight experience.

 Best wishes,

Sarah Howard