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Rob Bryan

I am a wheelchair user with an injury to my neck at the 6/7 level. After some great consideration and plenty of time I decided to do one of the things I thought of when I was running around, but didn't get around to and that was to fly...

Originally I liked the thought of flying a hang glider yet my hand power is not that great. Then I saw a programme on National Geographic about microlighting which captured my imagination.

This sparked in me a need to do some research which eventually led me one rainy afternoon surfing the net to The A.P.T Charitable Trust whom I duly contacted to book a trial flight.

Jack Simpson, the General Manager of A.P.T., explained the possibilities of how a person in my condition could learn to fly. It made me feel very positive that I could still find and fulfill such an extraordinary challenge.

On visiting APT for the first time apprehension began to build up in my mind. What am I doing here? Am I not in enough trouble? How on earth am I going to fly?

With their vast experience and knowledge, the people at APT made me feel relaxed and welcome. After my first trial flight I realized a new path was beginning to open up.

On the 9/9/06 I had the experience of going solo in G-MYLV. I took off nicely and landed safely. Everybody present shared a short time with me to celebrate and raise a glass.

A friend and fellow trainee Fritz took a video of my first solo, which you can see below.

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All these experiences have broadened my imagination and positively enriched creative parts of my life. Also the contact with other individuals with similar Injuries reinforces the positive feeling of you are not alone in your injury and that there are others out there who share, understand and face some of the same challenges as you.

A.P.T , Raymond and Fiona at the Shadow Flight Centre have much invaluable experience of assisting individuals who have been through it and I hope their good work will continue.

Best regards,