APT is a small charitable trust funded 100% on donations from people exactly like YOU! We continually work hard to raise awareness and the money APT needs to subsidise student training fees, maintain aircraft, meet hangar costs and insure its two training aircraft.

APT attends flying days to advertise its work and to make more people aware of its existence, but more importantly to make disabled people across the United Kingdom aware of APT and the challenge of flying.

APT has set up a Sponsorship Fund to assist with training fees and thus ensure that flying becomes a reality for more disabled people.

Would YOU help APT by making a donation? If you are a taxpayer APT can claim tax back on donations whatever the amount.

You can use this Gift Aid form to allow APT to reclaim tax on your donation Download Gift Aid form
Just print it out fill it in and send it with your donation.

Contact APT on 01722 410744 for details.

Cheques should be made payable to APT and sent to:

Hanger 3,
Old Sarum Airfield
The Portway

Fund Raising & Donations For The APT Charitable Trust

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