Image of CFM Shadow G-MYLV

APT's aircraft are two seat Shadows CD's, manufactured by CFM Aircraft Ltd. at Leiston, Suffolk, UK, with controls specially modified to take account of the difficulties of disabled pilots.

The Shadow is elegant-looking, sophisticated and tough, with an unrivalled record for reliability, safety and performance. It is a delight to fly.

The main features of the Shadow are:

Both Shadows are fitted with Rotax 503 2-stroke engines producing over 50hp.

Student pilots sit in the front cockpit with the instructor sitting behind. Students should weigh no more than 13.5 stone (approx. 86 kilos).

G-MYLV is modified for those whose disability affects their hands as well as their legs. The main modifications to G-MYLV consist of:

  • Combined throttle/rudder lever on the pilot's left side. (Forward/back for throttle, left/right for rudder).
  • Pneumatically-powered brakes activated by a lever behind the pilot's head. (Whether the left or right brake or both operates depends on position of rudder lever).
  • Suck blow trim, operated by tube attached to microphone boom.
  • Large detachable radio PTT switch. (Which those without finger movement can operate with their chin. The original PTT switch remains on the throttle/rudder lever for those who have function in their left thumb).
Views of CFM shadow cockpit

G-MVUS is modified for those whose disability affects their legs only.

close up view of shadow cockpit G-MYUS image of APT trainee pilot and custom hoist for easy access into cockpit
  • Combined throttle/rudder lever on pilot's left side. (Forward/back for throttle, left/right for rudder).
  • This lever has a PTT switch on the top and a trim switch, both switches operated by the thumb.
  • Brakes activated by bicycle brake levers, one on each control lever.
For tetraplegics and others who cannot get into our planes unaided we have a hoist that can comfortably lift a person from a wheelchair into the front cockpit.

Adapted Aircraft for Disabled Flying

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